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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A beginner's guide to genetics

Could you please recommend me a few sites on the internet, blogs, or books that's sort of like a beginner's guide to genetics? I would like to learn more about genetics, but I don't exactly know where to begin. One of the books I've read is great, it's called "Genes and DNA" by Charlotte K. Omoto and Paul F. Lurquin. I'm looking for something like that. But most of the other books at the library that I find seem too complicated, and I believe I should begin with the basic stuff first.

Unfortunately, I am not extremely familiar with books of this sort. I provide a link to the reviews of "A Beginner's Guide to Genetics and its Applications." Amazon recommends "Genetics for Dummies" and "Abraham Lincoln's DNA and Other Adventures in Genetics" as similar books. The latter sounds like an interesting read. I also try to recommend informative sites via my Gene Info web site.

I'm posting the question here in the hope that a reader will have suggestions. Although it would be nice to hear from non-experts, I will stick to the policy that while questions can be anonymous, comments (answers) are moderated, and I will only approves comments from people who identify themselves.